Community heating at La Soulane

Chaudier Strebel

This heating season Elements Energy were very proud to put into service their first community heating system a La Soulane, Jezeau. La Soulane is an eco-creative space in which live, as many as, 20 people at a time. In 2019 they took ownership of an old holiday camp, whose heating system is the subject of this blog, you can read more about them and their activities here:

old boilers

Being environmentally minded they scrapped the fossil fuel boilers as soon as they moved in. They were left with the choice of using electricity or wood for heating, and have opted for a local fuel, entirely renewable and low cost: logs

High efficiency
Strebel boilers have a high efficiency - this is a screenshot from the boiler in operation at La Soulane

The boiler is a 93kW log only boiler made by the Austrian manufacturer Strebel. Their Turbotec model is well known in the industry for its rugged dependability and high efficiencies.

pumps and mixers

The boiler is heating 3 separate co-joined buildings all of which have different usage patterns and heating demands. The sophisticated controls, which come packaged with the boiler, allow the 3 circuits to be operated completely independently. They conserve as much energy as possible in the 6000 litre accumulator (know to the residents as ‘The Twins’) by reacting to the outside temperature; the radiators in the building get increasingly hot as the exterior temperature falls.

With this highly efficient heating system the community hopes to use as little wood as possible this winter, wood consumption and usage data are being collected at the moment and we will report back in another blog in early 2021

If you know of similar projects which are looking for a similar solution and are located in the Pyrenees region, why not get in touch and find out what Elements Energy can offer?


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