Heating with their own wood


This week our team celebrated the completion of a new NeoHV 30 Hargassner log boiler installation. After a delay to the delivery, due to covid, it took just 2 weeks for the system to be fully functional - in time for the Christmas holidays. de Noël.

The old boiler had seen approximately 30 years service and was at the end of its life. It was operating very inefficiently and was costing a lot in repairs and incompletely burned fuel. énorme de réparation

Because the house is over 2 years old the owners benefit from a grant via the ADEME for the replacement of the old fossil fuelled boiler. They can also access financial help for the installation from oil companies who receive carbon credits via the Certificats d'Économies d'Énergie scheme for doing so. But the benefits do not stop there! When the old oil tank is disposed of at a licensed facility another grant is available to the client via the MaPrimeRénov’scheme. This means that an installation of this type, which would normally cost circa 20k will cost the customer nearly half that.*ancienne cuve de fioul est éliminée dans une installation agréée, une autre subvention est disponible pour le client via le régime MaPrimeRénov. Cela signifie qu’une installation de ce type, qui coûterait normalement environ 20.000 €, coûtera au client près de la moitié de ce prix.*

The Hargassner product is top of the range with a nominal combustion efficiency of over 92%. Not only are their products very efficient but they can be connected to the internet for extra peace of mind, for both the installer and the client. Hargassner France maintain a team of engineers who are always on call and have been servicing their boilers in the Sud-Ouest region since 2006.

Heidi and Wilco, the proud owners of this installation next to Tarbes, will now be able to heat their 225 m2 home using logs that they harvest from their own woodland. Meaning a lower impact to both their finances and the planet.

*the level of state aid depends on the household’s income.

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