RGE QualiPAC certification achieved

certificat QualiPAC

Today Elements Energy became a certified RGE installer of heat pumps in France. The certification allows clients of Elements Energy to access state aid and loans for the replacement of existing oil, gas or LPG boilers with a heat pump.

The qualifaction required a rigourous 5 day training of an engineer in the company, in this case Mr. Dowling, at a certified training establishment for heat pumps. The training concluded with an exam which our engineer passed with a grade of 29/30. The training included the subjects of Air-Water Heatpumps, Geothermal Heat pumps and hot water cylinders combined with air source heat pumps. The Carnot cycle, proposed by french engineer Sadi Carnot in 1824 was as relevant to the course today as it was when it was proposed almost 200 years ago!

In France financial support for renewable energy installations, at a domestic level, is means tested. Clients who wish to receive financial help fall into 4 categories of income: Ménages Aisés, Ménages intermédiaires, Ménages modestes & Ménages très modestes. The income thresholds depend on the number of taxable people in the household. Support is available in the form of loans and grants. To understand how you could benefit contact your local ANAH representative..

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