RGE QualiPV certification achieved

Certificate QualiPV

This month Elements Energy became a certified RGE installer of photovoltaic panels in France. The certification, QualiPV, allows Elements Energy to connect solar installations to the ENEDIS distribution network. It also allows their clients to access state aid for the installation of solar photovoltaic panels. The certification is valid for installations up to 36 kW peak, or approximately 200 m2 in surface area.

Before the company could be awarded this QualiPV certification it needed an employee with the relevant qualifications. Mr. Dowling attended a 3 day course, at a certified training establishment for photovoltaic installers, The training concluded with an exam which our engineer passed with a grade of 29/30.

The other difficulty in obtaining RGE QualiPV certification for Solar Photovoltaic installations turns around the question of insurance. Since the gold-rush of 2010-2011 there have been many insurance claims; thanks to unscrupulous installers who made rushed installations with low quality equipment. The result is that insurers are still reluctant to insure companies to carry out this type of work. After several months of searching we found the MAAF to be an excellent option for companies of our size.

Working with a QualiPV installer allows you to access grant money. Support for the installation of Photovoltaic installations in France comes in two forms. There is a fixed price for surplus electricity generated and not self-consumed by the owner of the installation. There is a grant paid once a year for the first five years of the installation, the amount paid depends on the peak generating capacity of the system installed. For more information see this site:

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